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Whatsapp new features

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Whatsapp has brought some new features for users.Let we see about this in this post

Whatsapp group invitation control :

You can prevent the stranger from adding you in whatsapp group chat. Whatsapp provided the control to the user who can possible to add user in whatsapp group chat

To setup whatsapp group call just follow these simple steps

  • Go to whatsapp settings

  • Tab on account

  • Tab on privacy

  • Tab on groups

Following options available to select

  1. Nobody

  2. My contacts

  3. Anyone

Whatsapp group invitation

If you select nobody or My contacts (person who is not in your contact) ,you will receive the notification request from the sender when he try to add you in group chat otherwise you will add directly without any notification. You can accept or decline the request

Group video calling :

Whatsapp allows user can do group video call with following limitation

  1. User can add up to four members

  2. The person who initiate can only add the participant

To setup whatsapp group call just follow these simple steps

  • Go to whatsapp group which you want to make call

  • Tap phone icon at the top-right corner

  • Add the contacts you want to call

Group video calling

Consecutive Voice Messages :

This options can play two or more voice message continuously. It will avoid you pressing the play button of voice message one by one. For this you have to play the first one,then next one will play automatically.

Whatsapp introduces following new features for beta user

Share your status with Facebook,Instagram,Gmail

As the name suggest you can share your whatsapp status with facebook,Instagram,Gmail. For this you don't need to link any id with facebook,instagram,Gmail. You can do it by clicking the share button in your status screen.

Forwarding info & Frequently forwarded:

Whatsapp plan to display the frequently forwarded tag by replacing the forwarded if the message has been forwarded more than four times and also we may know about how many times message has been forwarded.

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