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Top 5 Android Q features

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Dark Theme

Android finally came up with dark theme which is helpful for low light environment and low vision people. It also supported for long battery life. If you apply the theme, android Q applies the theme on both android system and apps running on device.

You can enable the theme using following options

A new system setting (Settings -> Display -> Theme)

On Pixel devices, the Battery Saver mode also enables Dark theme at the same time

New permission control

Obtaining the permission from the user getting improved. You can decide the following options.

  • Allow all the time

  • Allow only while the app is in use

  • Deny

Live Captions

In any app you can get the real time speech to text conversation of what you said in any video or audio. For this feature internet connection not necessary. But it’s only going to available on some select, higher-end devices.

Focus mode And Parent control

Focus mode help your focus without any distraction .Where you can select the apps which you feel as distraction and disable them until you come out of focus mode. As well as parent control feature with following options.

  • App specific time limit

  • Bonus time

Battery options

Android Q show the remaining battery hours when you pull down the quick setting menu.This will be calculated based on the mobile usage.



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