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Machine learning

Updated: Apr 8

Machine learning is a application of Artificial Intelligence. That provides the system that ability to learn automatically without developer instructions. Learn from data and response accurately.

Types of machine learning

  1. Supervised learning

  2. Unsupervised learning

  3. Semi-supervised learning

  4. Reinforcement learning

1.Supervised learning

Computer learn from sample labeled data. We need to train the computer by inputs and outputs. Simply computer learn the rule for mapping the input to output. This training continues until reach the desired accuracy for map the data


Supervised learning

2.Unsupervised learning

In unsupervised learning no labels are given for learning .Computer learn the hidden pattern from sample data. For example if we need to group the large set of data then this will find hidden pattern(Similarity) and group the data’s.


Unsupervised learning

3.Semi-supervised learning

In Semi-supervised learning some data only labeled in large number of data and other data are not labeled.


Semi-supervised learning

4.Reinforcement learning

Reinforcement learning is a type of dynamic programming that trains algorithms using a system of reward and punishment.

In simple words we can say that the out depends on the state of current input and the next input is depends on the output of previous input.


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