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Ionic 4 installation

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

This is ionic 4 installation tutorial.

Ionic 4 installation

Shortest version history of ionic

ionic 1 - Angular 1 or angular.js

ionic 2 - Angular 2

ionic 3 - Angular 2

ionic 4 - Angular, React, Vue and more

Now we have to see the steps for ionic 4 installation.

Step 1

Before install the ionic framework you need to confirm the node.js and npm installed or not. Check with below command

node -v

If not installed then install latest node.js from here.

Step 2

Install the Ionic CLI globally with npm. Run the below command in terminal window(mac) or command prompt (windows)

npm install -g ionic

Here -g means global installation. This may require admin permission so mac user use sudo command like "sudo npm install -g ionic" windows user open the command prompt with admin rights.

If you want to particular version of ionic then use command like below

npm install -g ionic@4.0.0

After install the ionic check with below command

ionic -v

It will show installed version of ionic

Step 3

For mobile support we need to install the cordova, for cordova installation use below command

npm install -g cordova

After install the ionic and cordova you have to create ionic project using below command

ionic start myapp

For more info you have to refer ionic official page.