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How to learn programming?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

How to learn programming?

Nowadays learning programming is very important. We can easily learn programming by lot of online tutorials. Even high schools have added the programming subjects in their curriculum. Current world is running in programing and coding. Now each and every machine running in programs. So if you learn programs then you will easily survive the world.

Choose programming language:

First you need to choose programming language for your use case.

If you want to develop your own mobile application then you need to learn Java or Kotlin for Android app development and learn Objective-C or Swift for iOS app development.

If you want to develop web application then you need to learn JavaScript.

If you learned the JavaScript and html then you will develop mobile application also. Using hybrid app development.

How to learn programming language?

You have two option to self learning programming language

  • Online tutorial

  • Online videos

For online tutorial lot of websites available now. Particularly freeCodeCamp, w3schools, Codecademy are good and familiar websites.

For online videos, you can select YouTube, Lynda, etc.

Select the option you like.

Fundamentals of all programming

These are the basic fundamentals for all programming language. You should learn these basics clearly. If you are strong in these basics then you can easily learn any programming language.

  • Variables

  • Data Types

  • Array

  • Functions

  • If statements

  • Conditional loops

Start with hello world program

You can start your program with simple hello world. For example in java script, we can print hello world in 3 ways.

console.log(“Hello world!!!”);
alert(“Hello world!!!”);
document.write(“Hello world!!!”);

If do this hello world program then you will get hope for learning. After try this you can try biggest logic.

Logical thinking

Before start the coding you need to think logic first. If you want to give a solution for a problem, first you need to think logic for that solution. This is the very important in programming.

You must improve your logical thinking. For improve your logical thinking you need to solve lot of aptitude questions.

Follow this Facebook page for aptitude question solving.

Stuck in programming?

While implementing the program you will facing some errors. That time you need to google it. In internet, lot of solutions available for your errors. Mainly we use two websites for problem solving.

  • Stack overflow

  • Stack exchange

If you have a problem in your program then you can raise question in these sites. You will get solution within a minute to one week.


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