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Check the 5 little things before buying a new mobile

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Check the 5 little things before buying a new mobile

You need to check below important things before buying new mobile. Consider Processor, Storage, Display, Battery, Camera.


  • It is a very important part in mobile for speed up the mobile

  • You have to check this link for latest processor with performance comparison.

  • You must check the mobile processor with this list and it must be a high or super high performance.

  • If your mobile not in this list then you don’t buy that mobile. If you buy that mobile you will have mobile slowness problem.


  • Two types of storage available in mobile.


  • RAM memory also important in mobile speed

  • You need to choose high level. Minimum 3 GB RAM required.

  • For gamers minimum 4 GB need for good performance


  • It is the main storage of your phone.

  • If you take more photo and videos then you need to choose 64GB minimum. Otherwise 32 GB enough.

  • And also check that mobile support SD card. You can increase storage using SD card also.


  • You need to check below items for good display

    • Select High resolution 1920x1080. Minimum FHD(Full hd) or FHD+

    • Mainly protection is important in display. So you need to check it have gorilla glass protection.(Corning gorilla glass)

    • Choose 6 to 6.5 inch size for better viewing purpose.

    • Minimum 6oHz refresh rate for smoother performance

    • It must be Super AMOLED display


  • Nowadays battery backup is very important for gamers, nature lovers and movie lovers.

  • So you need to choose max battery capacity. Minimum 5000 mAh needed.

  • And also you need to check that mobile support fast charging.

  • Minimum 18W fast charging support needed


  • Nowadays every phone have minimum 3 cameras.

  • Totally 5 types of camera used in mobile.

    • Wide camera (main camera)

    • Ultra-wide cameras (Capture image with wide angle)

    • Telephoto(Long distance object capture)

    • Macro camera (Capture small objects in close range)

    • Depth sensor(Background blur)

  • You can choose minimum 3 camera model with 32 MP primary camera.



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