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Android phone Tricks

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Android provided the the lots of useful features for better user experience. But we don't know how much we are using all those features. There are many people not aware of what smartphone actually can do. We can see here some of the cool tricks

Google ads setting

Google uses a specific advertising id to track what you are searching on mobile phone. By this tracking id google helps to the apps to display the ads related to your searching content. Some users don't like this concept. They feel like they are tracked by google. Here's how you opt-out of those interest-based ads.

  • open Settings

  • Tap Google

  • Tap Ads

  • Tap the check box for Opt out of interest-based ads

  • you can also tap to reset advertising ID

Google ads setting

Select to speak

It will read the selected text on your mobile screen. Follow the below steps to enable this options .

  • Open settings

  • Scroll down and tab accessibility

  • Tab Select to speak

Select to speak

Guest Mode

Use guest mode to keep your data confidential whenever you get a chance to give your mobile to other person temporarily.They can open default apps. But they won't able to see your personal data

Steps to enable guest mode

  • Swipe down to from top of the screen to pull down notification bar

  • At top right ,tab on your avatar

  • Tap add guest

Guest Mode

By default guest mode able to receive the incoming phone calls and does not allow to make phone call.

Lock screen notification control

Android allowed to display the notification on lock screen. You can control the lock screen notification content with following options

  • Show all notification content

  • Hide Sensitive Notification Content

  • Don’t Show Notifications at All

you can set by

  • Open settings

  • Tab notification center

  • Tab when device is locked

Lock screen notification control

Add emergency message detail in your lock screen

You can able to set your emergency message detail in lock screen. This will help your emergency time contact.

You can set these here by

Add emergency message detail in your lock screen

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